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4 Tips for Moving Into a Larger Home

Moving from a smaller home into a much bigger space can present daunting design challenges. Many people make the mistake of trying to furnish all at once, but sometimes it pays to take your time to find the perfect pieces.

1. Take it one room at a time.

Just because a space is labeled as a formal living room on a blueprint doesn't mean you will use it that way. When you attempt to furnish all rooms at the same time, you don't have a chance to think critically about each decision, which can lead to wasted time.

Instead, furnish one room at a time, focused on your specific use for the space. Maybe you have a couple young children, in which case you might want to use room as a play area for the kids. Perhaps you work from home, so you might want to take time to select the perfect room for your home office.

2. Work furniture into the budget.

Signature Homes by JT Maloney are designed to be affordable and flexible in terms of choosing your lot, home style, and custom fixtures. Take this same approach with furniture, working each piece into the budget so you know exactly how much you can afford to spend.

Depending on the size of your last home, you might need to furnish multiple rooms from scratch. Taking your time is beneficial because it allows your style to evolve with the home so each space is furnished specifically for your family.

3. Create a cleaning schedule.

Moving into a larger house means more rooms to clean. This doesn't have to derail your day, however, if you approach cleaning strategically. Cleaning just one or two rooms per day will give you plenty of time for work, family, and other obligations, and it won't overwhelm you as you adjust to the bigger space.

4. Monitor utility usage.

Larger homes usually mean bigger utility bills, but you won't suffer from sticker shock if you monitor your utility use from day one. Take shorter showers, adjust the thermostat for both comfort and frugality, and turn off lights in rooms you aren't currently occupying.

When moving into a bigger house, consult with the experts at about selecting a plan and lot size that fits your family. Visit to view available real estate or to get in touch with a representative. Once you have purchased your new home, put the above tips to work as you furnish and personalize the space.